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dril snow shooter: it's pretty bad

UNFINISHED. Working on other stuff but I do plan on going back and fleshing it out a bit more.

UPDATE: just play it in the browser now, i mean, why not?

7hfps jam, first game i've made in unity, last second, missed the deadline to enter it by a second

based on a tweet (above) which was going to be a menu but i wasn't able to get it

no textures to make it look like a driveway, and nothing very little to shoot in it either

i'll update this so it's not so terrible

but this is what i was able to do in 7 hours

(good luck exiting out of it) control alt command works on mac to get out of it, so i'm assuming control alt delete will work on windows and i'm not well enough versed in linux to suggest what might exit out of the game on there


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snow_windows.zip 8 MB
snow_mac.app.zip 9 MB
snow_linux.zip 10 MB