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UNFINISHED. Working on other stuff but I do plan on going back and fleshing it out a bit more.

Inspired by the likes of Pacific Rim and Neon Genesis Evangelion. You can totally tell, huh?

So what was I able to get in the game in 6 days that I couldn't manage in 6 hours?

  • Snazzy main menu and pause menu!
    • There's no resume button on the pause menu.
    • The main menu is borderline placeholder.
  • Enemies to shoot at!
    • There's only three of them.
    • They die in one shot.
    • They don't do anything other than move toward you.
      • i.e. They can't kill you. (That being said...)
  • A health system!
    • Useless UI included!
      • More prevalent on the bots than anything.
  • Player model that aims the gun based on mouse input!
    • (Is that what we're calling that?)
  • Probably some other stuff!

Yeah okay, I'm not even going to say this one's good either. It's better than the snow shooter game for 7HFPS, but that's not saying a whole lot.

That being said, I'm all for the possibility of going back in there and cleaning this up and making something that's full-fledged and presentable.


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